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Top 5 Tips for Staying Sane at Home

As most of us are now finding out, being home all day due to COVID-19 quarantine rules and social distancing takes a new, special kind of attitude, discipline and flexibility we have not really had to implement in the past. If you have a spouse with you at home all day this is even more true as is having the all the kids’ home.

Here are a few tips to help get through these times smoothly and sanely.

Pay more attention to what you eat and drink

It's easy to forget to eat and stay hydrated at the same times you would when you were working or managing a more regular day out and about. It's also now becoming very easy to take way too many trips to the kitchen for snacks and end up overdoing it on the junk food. Try to stick to a schedule of your usual mealtimes, and stock up only with more healthy foods. For more great idea on this topic check out https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/eat-healthy-working-from-home_l_5e724b03c5b63c3b6488ee71

Exercise in some form every day

If you are home all day you may not actually be moving around as much as you usually do and with no more time this can be even more of a problem. Make daily exercise part of your new routine. There are many ways to get in a workout from home—especially now, there are a number of gyms and fitness experts have put their workouts online for free. A good one we recommend is https://www.donsaladino.com/

Create a work-only space

This may be easier said than done. In some homes, there just isn't space for a dedicated home office or even a bedroom with a door you can close. Do what you can to find a private space you can make your own while you're working from home. It can increase productivity, and it also allows you to separate work from your personal life.

Make a schedule

Create clear guidelines for when you’re going to work and when to you’re going to call it a day. One of the great benefits of being home is the flexibility it creates, especially if you’re working from home. But this can also backfire and you can end up working much longer hours than normal or spending a greater portion of time doing things where you are immobile or inside.. If a schedule is in place it can stop you from getting wrapped up in certain things and missing out on some of the things you enjoy on a daily basis.

Be virtually social

Being home for extended periods can feel isolating, especially if you get a lot of social reward or personal energy from your regular friends and colleagues. To fill this gap, perhaps try scheduling online social get together to have conversations with no agenda. In mind. You’ll be surprised at what a difference this can make. One of the more popular tools for this is https://zoom.us

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