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Top 3 Decorating Trends of 2020

As we work with many of our clients to stage their homes prior to selling, we are always sure to keep a keen eye on the year ahead and all the new trends. The new patterns, textures, and colours that are taking over and making a huge impact on making spaces look fresh and exciting. Here are a few of the newest decor trends we think are going to make the biggest impact in the upcoming 12 months.

What goes around comes around

Terrazzo design was huge about 30 years ago and once again it’s popping up all over the place in 2019. Originating in Italy it’s made up of marble chippings in concrete and then polished to a smooth finish. Its popularity began in the 1970s and slowly made its way back this year in various forms such as carpets, tiles and tables.

Gold Rush

The use of gold in design will continue well into 2019. Plated metal materials are still very prominent in tables and chairs and now also seem to be expanding into accent pieces as well. This year, we will see more metals like brass and iron (in addition to gold) incorporated into furniture and materials alike.

It’s all about the hypotenuse

Geometric shapes is a huge trend for 2019. Even some of the largest brands in furniture are making a huge effort to create designs that feel inspired by clean lines and sharp edges. This trend is so hot that pieces are vanishing off store shelves at an alarming rate so Caveat-Emptor, if you see something you like, better grab it right away because it likely won’t be back if you decide to wait it out.

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